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If you are planning a conservatory, extension or new house you will need to negotiate the following processes.

Planning permission

In most cases Planning Permission is required from the Local Authority Planning Department, but may not be where size and location of the original property meet certain conditions. We can advise on this.

Covenants within the property deeds could prevent certain types of planning permission from being obtained. These covenants may require permissions from previous owners or existing neighbours. You should always check your property deeds before undertaking any form of application for planning permission to ensure there are no constraints on your proposals. Breaching a covenant could be a costly oversight.

The planning permission only entitles you to make use of the land for a purpose for which it had not previously been used - it does not entitle you to commence any form of building work. There has to be a further submission of drawings to the Local Authority to obtain Building Regulation Approval.

Building Regulations

This is a key part to any form of building. Mandatory rules and regulations have to be complied with to ensure that the proposed building is structurally safe. These regulations cover fire risk, fire exits, energy efficiency, ventilation, sound proofing, general insulation requirements, window type and size as well as controlling the type of materials that can be used in the actual construction.

Building Regulation Applications are determined by Building Control Department staff who are professionals employed by the Local Authority. This department will also provide the Building Inspector who will carry out on site checks at various stages of the construction to ensure conformity to the regulations. Fees have to be paid in respect of both Planning and Building Regulation Approvals.

R&B Building Consultants pride themselves on their expertise in this field and undertake site inspections on behalf of a number of Local Authorities in the South East of England.

The company offers personal consultation with all clients to cover all aspects of all Building Regulation applications prior to final submission.

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