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Building regulations approval

The purpose of these drawings is to provide sufficient information to obtain Building Regulation approvals from the Local Authority Building Control Department. These drawings provide sufficient information to enable clients to obtain quotations and for builders to build from. A typical set of Building Regulation Drawings will include a foundation plan, floor plans, joist plans, roof plans, sections, and other necessary detail, including structural calculations where necessary and specification notes.

R&B Building Consultants also submit the applications and revise the drawings according to the Building Control Departments requirements. The fees for these applications are the responsibility of the client and should be forwarded to R&B Building Consultants prior to the submission of any such drawings for approval.

R&B Building Consultants Ltd will provide detailed working drawings if the client requires them to be prepared. These drawing will also include a full set of detailed vertical sections through each element of the building, kitchen and bathroom layouts, detailed plumbing layouts, kitchen and bathroom elevations, electrical and heating plans and finishing schedules.
An artists impression can also be prepared from these detailed drawings of the layouts of the principal rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and any other room where there are specific design requirements.

Detailed Drawings

The drawings which R&B Building Consultants provide are sufficiently detailed to enable the building project to be carried out. Our advice to all clients though, is to ensure that the proposed development has full Planning Permission as well as Building Regulations Approval before any building work is commenced.

If the scheme falls within the permitted development criteria then the Building Regulations Drawings will still need to be prepared and submitted for approval. The Local Authority have the power to issue enforcement notices for any work that is carried out without the applicable consents, permissions or approvals having first been obtained. This could prove costly as they may well find that the work already undertaken and completed would have to be demolished and the site returned to its original state.


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